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ATSC adds 3 new standards to 3.0

WASHINGTON – Three new ATSC 3.0 standards have been added to enable broadcasters to deliver mobile, interactivity and higher quality content. These include the link layer protocol to transport bits, as well as audio and video watermark emission standards that manage content watermarks.

CSA securing IoT products

SAN JOSE – The Cloud Secu-rity Alliance (CSA) IoT working group has released a report titled Future-proofing the Connected World: 13 Steps to Developing Se-cure IoT Products. It highlights the basic security measures that must be incorporated into the develop-ment process of IoT products, and the security items required in a product development life cycle.

RRS-16-Asia & Pacific focuses on bridging divide

GENEVA – Jointly organised by ITU and PITA, the Regional Radio-communication Seminar and Forum 2016 for the Asia-Pacific (RRS-16-Asia & Pacific) concluded with a renewed commitment to colla boration and capacity-build-ing programmes for APAC. The forum examined the bridging of the digital divide through the use of radiocommunication technologies, with a focus on the challenges and opportunities for spectrum harmonisation in the region.


2017 is set to be another challenging and rewarding year for IABM itself and our 500 member companies; there will be no let-up in the pace of change — and so the ever-increasing opportunities for those who grasp the nettle.


TRENDING – The transition to “the cloud” in our industry has been challenging. In order to under-stand how we address cloud computing, we must follow the history of how we got here. Minnetonka Audio provides quality-first audio processing, resulting in a number of disruptive innovations in our field.


For many years now, we have taken for granted that the future of content production lies with IP, and how it promises many benefits.

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