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Asia may go fully IP in 2020

February 17, 2017
Asia may go fully IP in 2020
From Left: Riedel’s Rajveer Singh; Riedel CEO Thomas Riedel; APB’s Andrew Yeo; PictureBoard’s Unmish Parthasarathi; Beyond Broadcast’s Loh Siu Yin; Telekom Vision’s Gede Mayun; and Ideal System’s Fintan Mc Kiernan.

SINGAPORE – Broadcasters and content producers in Asia are generally convinced of the great benefits they will reap when they embrace IP — but many are hesitant  to do so.


In a panel discussion on the second day of BroadcastAsia2016, the general consensus was that there are a number of Asian broadcasters who want to incorporate IP into their workflow but, at the same time, they still like to have the resiliency that is being offered by the traditional broadcast  infrastructure.

An informal Tea Time Tech Talk, hosted by Riedel Communications at BroadcastAsia2016, generated different views on when IP would  prevail in Asia.

Thomas Riedel, CEO of the company, who moderated the discussion posed the Big Question: When will broadcasters in the region be ready to go fully IP?

The panellists — Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO of Ideal Systems Southeast Asia; Gede Mayun, project director for Telkom Vision, Indonesia; Loh Siu Yin, managing director for Beyond Broadcast; Unmish Parthasarathi, principal, PictureBroad; and Andrew Yeo, publisher of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting — were not able to agree on a common date as Asian countries are at different stages of ICT development.
“There is still no real market leader that can provide a total IP-based solution,” said Ideal System’s Mc Kiernan, adding that although broadcasters cannot as yet go fully IP, they should not deny that there are a lot of benefits when one integrates the technology into existing workflows.

All the panellists, however, agreed that a hybrid system would be the best solution — a system combining IP solutions with existing SDI infrastructure.

When asked by Yeo what would be the ideal way to adopt IP, Mc Kiernan said that broadcasters would at this point in time be reluctant to abandon their SDI systems, thus deploying a hybrid system would be the answer.

“The industry is already using IP,” said Mc Kiernan, “but to go fully IP? Perhaps, two to three years, as this will be the amount of time needed to reach the tipping point.”

Telekom Vision’s Mayun predicted that it would take around two years for broadcasters to embrace IP. “Telcos are already into IP,” he added.

On the other hand, Beyond Broadcast’s Loh was more conservative. He pointed out while the technology may be available, the industry would have to change the mindset of workers and training them would take time. “Five years, maybe more,” he stated.

However, PictureBoard’s Parthasarathi who travels widely around the region, said: “It will  take about three years.”

Finally, APB’s Yeo predicted urban Asia will go fully IP in 2020 — just in time for the Tokyo Summer Olympics.


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